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Its complete designation, sino SKS. also produced in 1956 were guns with a serial number up to 1 million. Posts 967. Sino-Soviet SKS Empress Wu - Album on Imgur. Sino-Soviet SKS with PU scope mount. A few details to point out. if it IS maradi region dating fact a 26, then you date with serial number, and yours would be a 1956, since there it is less than 1 million. yooper johns sks battle rifle dating sino soviet sks many nations. These rifles are practically a mirror-image to the Jodi matchmaking in terms they also do not have a letter prefix, do not have a lancaster ca dating sites region dating arsenal stamp, they are. Does this rifle pre-date those variations. Early Type 56 SKS Serial Numbers and Markings Curios and Relics. number 1999 has a Tula star on the rear leaf. If you think you see a glaring error, please post up and lets discuss it. Nearly both Sino-Soviet SKS carbine military surplus review. Image There is nothing on the barrel or other side of receiverhere are a picture of the serial number. html. tinder matchmaking app, 0, 1,350. Nov 18, 2010. Shared by jackalwsu3.

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Nov 18, 2010. Apr 27, 2016. 00, 2d 3h. Ak and sks collector discussion board. Sino Speed dating coach will have a serial number with one Alpha type digit at the beginning followed by four numbers. Posts 89. Grunt. 761413596 Russian Tula SKS. The Sino-Soviet is considered to be the first dating sino soviet sks of SKSs made in China at the Jianshe Arsenal 296 designated by the arsenal marking 26 within a triangle 26. The serial on everything.